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Manning Women's Health

Dr Mary-Louise Graham


Dr Graham graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine with Distinction from The University of Newcastle in 2012 and then completed two years of residency at Gosford and Wyong Hospitals. 
Following this, she undertook specialty training in family medicine and was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in February 2017. 
Dr Graham then went on to complete three years in General Practice in Umina, followed by a year working exclusively in women’s health on the NSW Central Coast. 
Dr Graham has completed post graduate training in medical and forensic management of sexual assault and has been working as a GP Visiting Medical Officer for NSW Health in this field since 2017. She now resides in the beautiful Manning Valley and looks forward to meeting the needs of women of the region.

Your Health Matters

Preparing for Pregnancy

Fertility issues

Unplanned Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Problems

Antenatal Care

GP Shared care with your choice of midwifery or obstetrician shared care.

Postnatal care for you and your baby

Breast care

Feeding difficulties


Breast lumps, skin changes or nipple discharge

Vulval issues

Itch, discharge, lesions or lumps

Cervical screening – Formerly known as Pap smears


Contraception should not be viewed with a “one size fits most” approach. Options include:


• Combined oral contraceptive – “The pill”

• Progesterone only – “The minipill”

• Long-acting progesterone injection

• Implanon – “The rod”

• Progesterone IUD – Mirena or Kyleena


• Copper IUD

• Condoms

• Diaphragm

There are many circumstances where one particular option is most appropriate and some situations where particular contraceptives should be avoided. Book an appointment to find out the options which might best suit you in your current circumstances.

Menstrual Management

Heavy periods

Irregular periods

Painful periods

Skipping periods

Sexual Health

Sexually Transmitted infections

Painful intercourse

Pelvic floor problems


Urinary stress, urge or mixed incontinence

Faecal incontinence

Menopause Management

Menopause can be liberating for many women but difficult for others. Hot flushes are not the only symptom which can be improved with treatment and there are both hormonal and non-hormonal options which may be suitable.

A good and healthy body is the reason behind a healthy mind